Original article: “The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido” published by the New York Times on 26 November 2017

“Through sheer bulk, the string of revelations about men from Bill Cosby to Roger Ailes to Harvey Weinstein to Louis C.K. to Al Franken and, this week, to Charlie Rose and John Lasseter…”

Perhaps if Bill Clinton had been adequately–and publicly–punished in the 1990s, as people such as Ann Coulter demanded, these men would have been deterred?

“…the grotesquerie of their sexuality…”

Sexuality is not grotesque. What is grotesque is obtaining sex through

  • violence,
  • the threat of violence or
  • the breaking of a contract.

For example, in the case of Weinstein, the actresses agreed to be interviewed by Weinstein for film roles. During the interview, Weinstein altered the contractual agreement to be something other than an interview: to be an event of sexual showering. That violation of contract is grotesque, but the underlying sexuality isn’t.

“…the often ugly and dangerous nature of the male libido…”

This “male libido” is the drive that has improved–and perpetuated–Humanity for millennia. While there are ugly and dangerous people, the male libido itself is one of Humanity’s greatest assets.

“Andrea Dworkin said that the only sex between a man and a woman that could be undertaken without violence was sex with a flaccid penis…”

An erection is one of the greatest tributes a man can pay a woman who is outside of his family. Of course, one look at Ms. Dworkin explains why she was probably never paid that tribute.

“Fear of the male libido has been the subject of myth and of fairy tale from the beginning of literature…”

If girly-boys like Stephen Marche and Justin Trudeau want to understand, instead of fear, Human sexuality, the literature they need to study is Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged. This will teach them everything they need to know.

“…men don’t want to talk about their own gendered nature.”

Perhaps because to the normal male, there is nothing wrong or abnormal about being a man! It is a given, like gravity.

“A healthy sexual existence requires a continuing education…”

What Marche is advocating isn’t Reality-based education. It is indoctrination that stands opposed to Nature.

“But there remains no cure for human desire.”

Because there is nothing to be cured. Desire is essential to Humanity.

“…sex itself is about power every bit as much as it’s about pleasure…”

Again, read Ayn Rand. You will learn that that under normal, healthy Human sexuality, a real woman desires to be conquered by a powerful man.

“If you let boys be boys, they will murder their fathers and sleep with their mothers.”

Perhaps in Marche’s sick mind he wants to bed his mother, but normal men don’t. While a rational man could determine that his father is worthy of the death penalty for some crime the father committed, mother-bedding remains in the realm of the mentally ill.

“Women are calling for their pain to be recognized.”

The only women who are “in pain” are those who will not accept Nature’s role of a woman. They are the women who want to evade Reality, which is a prescription for destruction.

“Sex is an impediment to any idealism…”

Again, read Ayn Rand and learn that sex is idealism. The woman that the mentally healthy man is willing to stand naked before is the encapsulation of that man’s most valued abstractions. The woman a man is willing to bed tells you everything there is to know about that man.

“What if there is no possible reconciliation between the bright clean ideals of gender equality and the mechanisms of human desire?”

“How can healthy sexuality ever occur in conditions in which men and women are not equal? How are we supposed to create an equal world when male mechanisms of desire are inherently brutal?”

There isn’t and there shouldn’t be such a world. Marche’s Constructivist world is fantasy because men and women are not designed to be sexual equals. One is the conqueror, the other is the conquered.

“…we are returning to shame as our primary social form of sexual control.”

Shaming men for their natural tendencies is a form of Reality evasion. It will have disastrous consequences for all of Humanity.

“…accepting our monstrosity, reckoning with it…”

So, all men are monsters according to Marche. Should all men “transgender” then? No, reading Rand and realizing that Marche isn’t rational is a better alternative.